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January 2, 2016

Where is the Democratic Outrage?
A Few Scattering Thoughts as We Move toward January 21.

As I stated in a FB response  to Edi Giunta immediately following the elections, the old system got plummeted (the so-called center left — which was really a center-right movenent — one that Clinton tried to inhabit), and our so-called enlightened politicians simply never figured out the youth vote. One question might be, "Have they ever truly concerned themselves with the youth vote?" The young  went third party, as no one listened to them. 

I suspect had the young not gone thrid party, Clinton might have won two or three big states — the rust belt — and squeaked it out. But this loss is not their doing by any means. Clinton and her campaign were so myopic in this regard. The Democratic Party, the guardian of the working class, abandoned the worker in the end. And now, if you go to their website, they are totally silent on last night, asking instead for money, stating simply, "Thank you to every democrat who did their part in this election." Well, they did not, so it seems. WTF!

So as Trump moves forward to construct his government, and the media are concentrated on that full-steam ahead, the only talk about the elections is that Trump refuses to admit that Russia had hacked the Democrats. No one, I am puzzled to say, seems to want to dissect what went wrong. That is most disappointing.

I must say, I believe that some of us were disillusioned long ago! The DNC is still not able to admit it picked the wrong person. They're still blaming Comey and the Russians. I say, if the candidate had truly been a strong broadly representative of the Democratic party, these things would not have mattered. Instead, the Democrats over poled, and hence ignored important places to campaign, and, to boot, they ignored 50% of the working class.

 We're in it for the next four years. Not sure who is out there, but those planning for BS or HRC in 2020 are so off base (I gave her my vote, by the way). WTF!

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